Textile Industry’s Impact on Climate

October 15, 2014

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Climate Project | “The Structure Within”

October 12, 2014
The Structure Within Wood and Fishing Wire Haeun Ro 2014

The Structure Within
Wood and Fishing Wire
Haeun Ro

A Reminder- Will Staub

October 12, 2014

A Reminger



A Reminder- Sculpture by Will Staub

With this piece, I sought to connect the everyday action of turning on a light to the expansive system by which electricity is generated, and bring awareness to the privilege of electricity that I feel is often taken for granted. Cut paper symbols represent steps in the process of electricity generation, starting with fuel extraction and ending in the center of the piece with the creation of light. The fragility of the paper contrasted with the industrially constructed lamp is hopeful call for change in the way electricity is generated, while the exposed illuminated bulb is difficult to look at mimicking the way in which we remain blissfully unaware, for the most part, about what goes in to turning on the lights.

Climate Change Project

October 8, 2014

“An Inconvenient Tray”

Nora Chellew



An Inconvenient Tray

An Inconvenient Tray

Climate Change Project | Ignore

October 7, 2014
18″ x 24″
October 5, 2014

Most people know what is happening. They know that the world is getting warmer, the ice is melting, and the sea level is rising.
They ignore all these facts, and continue living their materialistic life.

In this project, I illustrated a picture of a flooded island – one of the effects from Climate change, and a picture of a boy uninformed about Global Warming. He wasted energy and material. I chose to illustrate a boy because this shows how ignorant his parents are about the climate change. The boy grow up ignorant, and his children are likely to follow the same path.

Nisharee [Fah] Komolkiti


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