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February 14, 2014




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February 13, 2014

nice project by MA artist


Energy Project Documentation

December 27, 2013


Energy Project- Sabrina Amoroso

December 20, 2013

Buildings consume more energy than any other sector. In 2012 the U.S. Energy Information Administration stated the building sector consumes 47.6% of energy produced nationally (the other major sectors were transportation and industry).

Many buildings have begun to use energy produced on site. If a building could produce more energy than it needs it would be “beneficial” I decided to rethink the city, not building by building, but as a singular working unit. The idea was: large scale renewable energy in an urban landscape. A unique characteristic to cities is the presence of skyscrapers and the wind tunnel effect they cause. I worked from the notion that in the future this might be something that a city would embrace. Though small scale urban wind power does exist they do not produce a substantial amount of energy.

The result is a drawing based off of old “cities of the future” drawings. There is a wonderful inaccuracy to these sorts of images which is often based off of an overly optimistic outlook on engineering advancements; I provide an example below. The sandwiching of a giant tunnel between skyscrapers, fourteen stories off the ground is no exception. These tunnels would be installed throughout the city and funnel to wind turbines. The drawing is based off a street in NYC where this phenomenon is ever-present (such as with the infamous Flat Iron building). The idea I present is fantastical and, like the sci-fi drawings I was talking about, points at an outrageous idea. Often, though, outrageous ideas can inspire more feasible solutions.



Catie Buhler – Food Documentation

December 20, 2013

Catie Buhler