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November 19, 2014


Energy | Energy saving tips for MICA students

November 18, 2014



I created a vertical accordion book ‘Energy Saving tips’ especially for MICA students.
The waste of energy in MICA results in: 1. global warming 2. air pollution 3. increase in school bill.
Therefore, here are some ways to reduce those costs and the waste of energy.

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Digi Dial Proposal

November 18, 2014


Sundial_Render2 Sundial_Render1 IMG_3473 Digi Dial Proposal

This project is a collaboration between Sophie Stoerkel and Nora Chellew.

It is a proposal for a digital sundial, or “Digi Dial.” The sundial would be miniature, and would be contained within the trapezoidal prism we have constructed. A small light, powered by the solar panel at the top of the structure, would pass over the sundial, creating shadows and a sense of time. The black prism is a “draft.” The green/gold prism is the final exterior structure.  The included document acts as a “guide with purchase,” or instruction manual for the Digi Dial, and the faux-company it references.


November 16, 2014




Disposable (2014)

November 13, 2014



We have enough energy within ourselves to do anything. Humans have depended on outside energy sources to maintain our way of life and became too lazy. We are constantly looking for the next new energy source. Almost 99% of things around us that use energy are not necessary for survival. We don’t need cars because we can walk. We don’t need cellphones because we can just talk. The privileges and luxuries in the 21st century is taking a toll on the Earth.

For my project, I wrote down all the objects that use energy that I encounter on a daily basis. I wrote them all on toilet paper because I wanted to use a medium that is disposable and easily thrown away. I wanted to show how we are using energy carelessly because we’ve become comfortable with wasting it on things that we don’t need. It also made me reevaluate everything around me as I wrote each word down.

Haeun Ro